Sustainable Integrated Farming

Jason D. Licamele Ph.D.
Fish Farmacy is a professional consulting firm specializing in the development of sustainable integrated farming technologies which addresses issues of water conservation, food production, bioenergy, pollution remediation, and resource use efficiency. Integrated farming technologies utilize ecological, physiological and technological principles to process nutrient streams for use as natural fertilizers for crop production. The utilization of farm effluents from aquaculture and agriculture can reduce the environmental impacts from these industries, thus developing a more sustainable and environmentally friendly system.

The University of Arizona's Controlled Environment Aquaponics Greenhouse was designed in the summer of 2008 as a commercial prototype to evaluate crop production in a controlled environment aquaponics system.
The Greenwater Global Closed Algae Production System (CAPS) is designed to produce intensive yields of marine and freshwater algae for food, animal feed, pharmaceutical, and energy applications. The CAPS are designed for onsite indoor factory production of algae.