AQUACULTURE, Graduate Certificate
WATER POLICY, Graduate Certificate

University of Arizona 2009

Entrepreneurship for Scientists

Eller School of Business

Environmental Law


Florida Institute of Technology 2004

Thesis: "Linking Prey Selectivity with Feeding Functional Morphology in Marine Fish Larvae"

Institute for Marine Research

Marine Sciences



Florida Institute of Technology 2000

Marine Sciences


Ecology & Molecular Biology

Selected Accomplishments

- Extensive domestic & international patent portfolio

- U.S. Presidential Service Award Gold (2010)

- PHI ETA SIGMA National Honor Society (2008)

- George E.P. Smith Agriculture Irrigation Engineering Scholarship (2007, 2008)

- SpaceHab STS-107 STARS Certificate of Appreciation (2003)

Jason D. Licamele

Biological Systems Engineering Ph.D.
Marine Biology M.S.
Water Policy Graduate Certificate
Aquaculture Graduate Certificate
Marine Biology, Ecology & Aquaculture B.S.

Combining biology with technology to deliver environmentally AND economically sustainable solutions for the bioeconomic world.


"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” - Albert Einstein



University of Arizona 2009

Dissertation: "Biomass Production and Mass Balance in an Aquaponics System"

Agriculture and Biological Systems Engineering (ABE)

Controlled Environment Agriculture Center (CEAC)

Soil, Water & Environmental Science (SWES)

Fish Farmacy

Dr. Jason D. Licamele ​

Selected Patents

- "Integrated Multi-Trophic Farming Process" 2014

- "Turnkey Aquaponics Garden" 2014

- "Modular Tubular Bioreactor" 2014

- "Large Scale Mixotrophic Production System" 2014

- "Systems and Methods of Contamination Removal from a Microalgae culture" 2012

Jason D. Licamele, Ph.D.

Dr. Licamele is an entrepreneurial marine biologist and biological systems engineer with commercial and academic experience leading, designing, developing, and executing bio-based production projects for the food, pharmaceutical, and bioenergy industries. He consults and works with industry professionals to deliver premium, innovative, and professional services. Dr. Licamele's focus is on ushering in the era of biotechnology and providing environmentally and economically sustainable solutions for his clients. He started his career in the aquaculture industry working for commercial companies and international groups, eventually expanding into the hydroponics and aquaponics industries. Jason has experience growing aquatic and terrestrial organisms ranging from algae, to sea cucumbers and corals, to fish and plants. Dr. Licamele has worked domestically and internationally with private companies, government entities, and research institutions regarding the development and commercial scale production of bio-based products for the food, pharmaceutical, and bioenergy industries.